Today we made Zokling sock creatures with the Grade 3/4 kids at school.  It was great fun and they all did a wonderful job making up their Zoklings too!  Here’s a photo of two of the Zoklings we made.


This is a great project to do with kids (a good idea for a school holiday project too!).  These Zoklings are a creation by Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World.  So simple but so cute too!  I love them.  There was about 18 kids that all managed to make and finish their Zoklings in class and we had the afternoon session (of around 1.5 hours) to make them.  All you need for this project is a sock, 2 safety eyes, a little felt (for behind the eyes), wool for the hair and then rice to fill them up.  These ones took around 2 cups of rice.  You can find the instructions plus videos on how to make these over at Shiny Happy World.  Thanks Wendi for giving me permission to use your design to teach this class.  It was great fun!



They turned out great! I always think striped socks make the best ones. :-)

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