Teacher’s Christmas Gifts – zippered pencil cases


This year for the Teacher’s Christmas Gifts I decided to make them personalized zippered pencil cases.  This is a free tutorial by Toni Coward from Make it Perfect.  Toni did a blog post last year about these and I thought it was such a brilliant idea – and so stored it away for when I was ready to make my teacher’s Christmas gifts this year.

The kids wrote out their teacher’s names which I then traced onto white linen and embroidered.  They thought it was great that they had ‘written’ their teacher’s names onto the pencil cases.  I then had fun picking out fabrics that I thought the teachers would like.  I love the little collection of buttons you sew onto it too – it just adds that little bit of interest.

I love this tutorial of Toni’s.  It’s a great easy way to make a zippered pouch.  I’m now looking forward to the kids End of Year Celebration on Thursday and then the start of the school holidays.  It will be so nice to have a break from the normal morning routine of making lunches and getting the kids ready for school – I can’t wait!

Happy Sewing!

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