Star Wars Quilt Finished!

I have been making a Star Wars quilt for my son and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of my work in progress photos.  Well I finally finished it yesterday!  My son picked this fabric out from Spotlight late last year and I had intended on making it for him in time for Christmas – but that didn’t quite happen!  He didn’t mind and he’s has actually enjoyed watching me make it over the school holidays.  He’s helped a little too along the way – helping me take all the quilting pins out and lying under the quilt top just to see what it would be like!  So he was really excited when I finished sewing the binding on yesterday and he could put it on his bed last night.


I used the Thick & Thin pattern by Shiny Happy World (a free pattern) – which is the same pattern I used for my daughter’s quilt I made for her early last year.  You can see her quilt HERE.  I love how this turned out – and it’s a great pattern to use as it’s so nice and simple.   I just quilted it with nice straight lines 1/4″ each side of the stripes.  Enough to hold it together without adding too much detail (as the Star Wars fabric has LOTS of detail).    My son just LOVES it which makes me so happy and makes it all worthwhile!

Happy Sewing!



That is fabulous!! I have a Star Wars crazy son too, but have so far only made him Star Wars shorts & a Star Wars pillowcase. You’ve done such an amazing job with your quilt. I can see why he’s so stoked with it!


Thanks Lee! Your Star Wars shorts & pillowcase sound great – my son would probably love something like that too!

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