Free Tutorial: Felt Flower Hairclip

Here’s a another quick and easy project for you - a felt flower hairclip.  My daughter really loves hers and so I thought I would share this tutorial with you so you can make one too!










You only need some small pieces of felt and a 50mm snap barrette hairclip and some embroidery thread.

Click HERE for the flower templates (and tutorial).


Trace the templates onto paper and cut them out.  Then pin these onto felt in the colour of your choice and carefully cut out the shapes.

You will need: 2 x Flower A pieces, 1 x Flower B piece and 1 x Flower Centre piece.







Take one of your Flower A shapes and place your snap barrette hairclip on the back.  Sit it so that both ends of the barrette are sitting within the flower petals.  Mark the end where the narrow middle part of the barrette starts.








Take your hairclip off and draw a small line the same width as the narrow part of the barrette. Make a small slit here and feed the narrow part of the barrette through.










Secure it in place using 2 strands of matching embroidery thread in 7 places – the very ends and around the sides.  This will keep the snap barrette firmly in place.  I only go through part on the felt – so my thread doesn’t show on the other side.







Now place your other Flower A shape over the top of this flower (with hairclip attached) and blanket stitch them together with the large part of the snap barrette inside.










Blanket stitch your Flower B shape (using 2 strands of matching embroidery thread colour) onto your completed Flower A piece – just stitching into the top Flower A piece (so your stitching doesn’t show through the other side).




Now take your Flower Centre felt shape and using 2 strands of matching embroidery thread colour,  blanket stitch it onto the centre of the Flower B.

You’ve finished!  Well done!  Put it in your hair and enjoy!

Happy Sewing!




Sheryl scholte

What a great idea,thankyou Jody for the tutorial.xx

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