Free Tutorial: Easter Bunny Softie

Here is a little Easter gift for you!  A free Easter Bunny softie pattern.

Easter Bunny Softie
Easter Bunny Softie

This is a quick and easy project to make for someone this Easter.  A cute and cuddly bunny made using fleece and cotton fabrics and a little bit of felt too.

Suitable for beginners to advanced sewers.  You can use any kind of fleece fabric (like polar fleece), imitation fur or felt for the body (I have used a coral nursery fleece on mine).   For the beginner I would recommend a polar fleece or felt fabric for the main body as some of the other fabrics can be a little tricker to sew with.

I have used machine applique using a blanket stitch and straight stitch to applique the arms, feet, inner ears & tail.  You could also hand sew these on using 2 strands of embroidery thread and a blanket stitch and straight stitch.

Let’s get started.  You can find the pattern template HERE.   When printing please print it out at actual size.  I have included a  ¼” seam allowance has been included in all pattern pieces.


8” (20cm) ivory/white fleece fabric (I have used Coral Nursery Fleece)

8” x 8” (20cm x 20cm) Striped Cotton Fabric

8” x 8” (20cm x 20cm) Pink Felt (Inner ears/Tail/Foot & Toe pads/Nose)

Small scrap of Black Felt (Eyes)

Fusible webbing (for applique)


Print the pattern pieces (click HERE for the pattern templates) and cut them out.  Then pin onto fabric as stated below.

From Fleece Fabric:

Fold fabric in half, right sides facing and cut (on double layer of fabric):

2 x Ears

1 x Head

On single layer of fleece fabric, cut:

1 x Body

Cut a piece of Fleece Fabric:

6” x 8 ½” (14cm x 22cm) and iron fusible webbing to the wrong side of it.

Now trace onto the fusible webbing:

2 x Arms (Reverse one)

2 x Feet (Reverse one)

Cut these out carefully and remove the paper backing.

From Striped Cotton fabric:

On single layer of fabric, cut:

1 x Body 

Cut a piece of Pink felt:

5” x 6” (12cm x 15cm) and iron fusible webbing to the wrong side of it.

Now trace onto the fusible webbing:

2 x Inner Ears (Reverse one)

1 x Tail

2 x Foot Pads

6 x Toe Pads

Cut these out carefully and remove the paper backing.


I have used my sewing machine on a Blanket Stitch to applique the Inner Ears, Tail, Arms and Feet in place.  I have then used a small straight stitch to sew the foot pads and toe pads in place.  If you prefer you can hand stitch these features into place using 2 strands of embroidery thread using a blanket stitch and a straight stitch.  When ironing pieces in place please make sure you use a piece of cotton fabric between the iron and your work so you don’t mark/burn/melt your fabric. 



Take two of your ear pieces (make sure you have one that curves to the left and one that curves to the right) and iron your inner ear onto the right sides of these – matching the straight edge on the bottom (remember to use cotton fabric to protect your work when ironing).  Blanket stitch these in place.





Take your fleece Body piece and lay this on the table right sides up.  Place the Tail into position (right sides up) referring to the body pattern template for placement. 

Iron this into place and then blanket stitch around it.






Take your striped cotton fabric Body piece and lay this on the table right sides up.  Place your arms and feet into position (right sides up) referring to the Body pattern template for placement. 

When happy with the position, iron these in place and then blanket stitch around each one.





Place your Foot Pads and Toe Pads into position on the feet (referring to the Body pattern template) and iron them in place.   Use a small straight stitch (I used 1 ½ on my machine) on your machine to stitch close to the edge around all of these pieces, going around them all twice.




You should now have the following pieces:













Ears: Place Ear (with inner ear) on top of one Ear back piece (right sides together), pin and sew around the ear leaving straight bottom edge open.  Repeat for the other ear piece.  Now clip curves and turn right sides out and iron flat (remember to use cotton fabric to protect your work when ironing).






Ears to Head: Place one head piece onto your table right side up and then place your completed ears on top matching the raw edge of the ear with the top edge of the head.  Refer to the Head pattern template for position.  Make sure the inner ear is facing right side down and that when sewn into place the ears point out the correct way.  Pin and then sew these into place using a ¼” seam. 






Head to Body:  Now take this Head piece (with ears attached) and place it right sides together on top of the Body front (with arms and feet appliqued) and match the neck seams.  Make sure the centre dots match up and then ease the curve of the head onto the neck seam and pin into place.  Sew together using a ¼” seam.      







Now do the same with the back Head piece and back Body piece.  So you should now have one completed body front (with ears) and one completed body back.








Sewing it all together: Tuck in the ears and then lay your body front on top of your body back and match up the seams and the centre points.  Carefully pin it all the way around making sure your don’t catch the ears in the other seams.  Sew it all the way around leaving the turning gap on the bottom open.  Check all your seams first – and then clip curves and carefully turn right sides out through the turning gap.  It will make it easier if you pull out the ears first. 



Firmly stuff the completed bunny through the gap in the bottom, using small pieces of stuffing at a time.  Stuff the head first and then the body.   Hand stitch the gap closed using a ladder stitch – filling with a little more stuffing as you go.  Go over the gap with the ladder stitch twice for extra strength.



Cut out 2 eyes (using pattern template) from black felt. 

Cut out 1 nose (using pattern template) from pink felt.

Using the pattern template and photos as a guide, place eyes and nose onto the face and pin them in place.

Blanket stitch (by hand) the eyes and nose into position using 2 strands of matching embroidery thread.


Now using two strands of pink embroidery thread, straight stitch the mouth on and then use one long straight stitch to make each of the whiskers.
I hope you love this little bunny as much as I do.  Enjoy making one, or two or more!  I’d love to see photos when you make one – just email me at

This pattern is also available as a Free PDF downloadable file from my Craftsy store.

Happy Sewing!


Sheryl scholte

Oh so cute,thankyou Jody you are so very kind.xx


Thanks Shez – I’m glad you like it.


Jody u rock, I love her. The perfect bunny for my brand new 1st grand baby! God Bless You & Yours


Thanks – I’m glad you love her and I’m sure your grand baby will love her too! Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy making her.

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