Creative Challenge #2 – Clare’s Craftroom

I joined in again for another of Clare’s Craftroom’s Creative Challenges.  I did one last year and really enjoyed it – so I thought I would participate in another one!  You can read about what I did last year HERE.  We were given a different picture and a colour each that we were to draw our inspiration from to create something and we could use any medium we liked – paint, paper, fabric, metal wood etc.  I was given the following photos to draw my inspiration from:


Immediately I knew exactly what I was going to make!  I know that sounds strange but sometimes just looking at something like this can give me a great idea!  Now I must admit that I have been watching Harry Potter movies with my kids lately so I had mythical creatures on my mind when I looked at these pictures.

I was going to make a unicorn with a rainbow mane & tail!  Originally my final sketches of the unicorn had the pink for the hooves and muzzle – but when it came together I preferred it all white.

So here is my unicorn!


I love how it turned out – in fact I love it so much I am turning it into a pattern!  So if you want to make your own unicorn – come back shortly (after I’ve written up the pattern, tested it out and made a few prototypes).

There were only a couple of us that were part of this challenge – but make sure you check out the other creations too over at Clare’s Craftroom.

Happy Sewing!






Your unicorn is just gorgeous. I will have to keep an eye out for your pattern for a certain little lady in my life.


Oh Jody this is so good, I love it!
Thanks so much for playing and linking up xxx

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