Marina the Mermaid – now a PDF pattern

I have just uploaded my Marina the Mermaid pattern to my Craftsy & Etsy stores.  So it is now available as an instant downloadable PDF file.


I designed Marina the Mermaid in 2010 and made the original for my daughter who loved mermaids (and still does!).

I designed her to be used as a child’s toy – to be played with and cuddled.  Her clothes (Bodice & Skirt) are completely reversible – so it can be actually put on in 3 different combinations.  They are fastened with thin strips of Velcro – so easy for a child to take on and off.




I still love this design and it makes me want to make up another one!


Here are some photos of the dolls that Lisa made up.  I love the colours she has used.


Happy Sewing!






Drafty the Door Sausage Dog – now online!

I’ve just listed my most popular pattern – Drafty the Door Sausage Dog online as an instant downloadable PDF file.  You can find this pattern on my Craftsy and Etsy stores now.

Drafty the Door Sausage Dog
Drafty the Door Sausage Dog

You can now also find my Don’t Worry Doll pattern in printed format from Riviera Patchwork - my local patchwork store.  Drop in if you’re in Bairnsdale and say Hi to Gayle and Margaret.  You can also find my original Don’t Worry Doll there on display.

Happy Sewing!

New Pattern – Don’t Worry Doll

My new pattern is finally finished!  My pattern testers have done a wonderful job and I have made all the final editing changes to the pattern instructions and uploaded it to my Craftsy and Etsy stores.  I hope you love her as much as I do - here she is – my ‘Don’t Worry Doll’.


Make this doll for someone to help keep their worries away!  She can be held, hugged and talked to by your little one and has no buttons or hard pieces on her so they could take her to bed with them too and is suitable for all ages.

She has words of encouragement embroidered on her body to help your child keep those worries away.  She is bright and fun and will help cheer them up.

Great to help a child through a difficult time (like a tonsil operation/dental procedure etc) or for a child that is anxious or worried about something.  Helps to reassure them they are loved, and to be strong and happy, smile, believe and never give up, with the words embroidered on her body.





This image is on the pattern cover – what do you think?  We had a great time on the photo shoot – she got to play in the cubby house and climb in the tree while I snapped all the photos!  Great fun!

I’m so happy with her and really pleased to finally be able to release this pattern.

I would love to hear you thoughts and feedback so please feel free to leave me a comment!  Please feel free to share this post and photos too.  You can also email me at:

You can find the pattern by clicking the links to my Craftsy and Etsy stores on the right hand sidebar of this blog.


Thanks for visiting and Happy Sewing!

New Pattern Coming Soon!

I am in the final stages of writing a new pattern which should be released by the end of next week.    It’s currently with my pattern testers and I am just making the final editing changes to the pattern instructions.  This particular pattern is very special to me and very close to my heart so I thought I would share with you how I came up with the idea.


Around the middle of last year, I took my daughter to the dentist and we found out that she needed to have a small dental procedure to remove a tooth bud from her gum.  Basically this was a tooth that had failed to form properly and was now blocking the way of a healthy adult tooth.  A simple dental procedure was required under general aesthetic.

My daughter’s reaction to this news was not good!  She was extremely anxious and worried about it all and quite beside herself about the whole thing.  She is only 9 years old.  We talked to her and tried to reason with her that it was for her own good, but she was still really upset, anxious and worried.  So I started designing and making something to comfort her and help her through this tough time and this is where the idea for a ‘Don’t Worry Doll’ was created.


I wanted something she could hold and cuddle and take to bed if she wanted, and also something that we could take to hospital with us while she was having the procedure.  I wanted it to be bright, cheerful and fun too.  So the ‘Don’t Worry Doll’ was born.


She has words of encouragement embroidered on her body, to remind her we love her, and to be strong and not worry.   My daughter loves hers and she has definitely helped her through this difficult time.  She did take her to the hospital and they let her hold her while she went under the aesthetic.  I then kept the doll with me while they did they procedure and then as she was waking up I put the doll on the bed next to her again.  She has kept her on her bed ever since and has told me that she reads the words over and over and that it reminds her not to worry about things.  This makes me so happy!

I have now improved the design a little and made it easier to sew and written up some easy to follow instructions so that you can make one for someone special too.

Come back next week for the full pattern release!


Until then, Happy Sewing!