Amineko Cat

I just finished crocheting this Amineko cat today.  Such a little cutie – it only stands 18cm tall.  I’ve seen a lot of these on Pinterest and Ravelry and have wanted to make one for quite a while.  This is a free pattern available through Ravelry HERE.

I used a small 2mm hook to make this and you use single crochet working in the round.  They are very small rounds and so you have to crochet very tightly too.  I enjoyed making this little cat and it’s a nice small project you can take with you to appointments or kids sports lessons.



A week of celebrations


It has been a week of celebrations around here!  Both my husband and son are lucky enough to have their birthdays on the same day – and so it seems like be have been celebrating all week!  It was Melbourne Cup public holiday Tuesday and the kids also had an extra day off school Monday too – so we had a great long weekend together too.

We had a family birthday celebration all day Tuesday together, then my son had some friends over for a party after school Friday.  So we’ve had streamers and party decorations and party food around all week!  We also had 3 birthday cakes to eat too!

My daughter made this lego cake for her brother which as you can see he just loved!




I finished my Mike the Monster in time for my son’s birthday too – and he really loves it.  I enjoyed crocheting this and actually liked the challenge of the tricker parts like the fingers and toes.  It’s not perfect but my son was happy with it which was the main thing!  This is a free pattern by Stacey Trock from FreshStitches which you can find HERE.

Now I need to recover from all the birthday celebrations and over indulgence of party food!

Happy Sewing!


Learning a new skill – Crochet


Over the last few months I have been learning to crochet.

I posted a picture of my first crochet project back in April and you can read more about that HERE.

I thought I’d share with you a few of my thoughts on learning a new skill – like crochet.



  • Take a Class or Workshop.  If you can – go to a workshop or take a class to learn a new skill.  There are lots of classes and workshops around on all different types of things – like quilting, stitching, crochet, sewing – and the list goes on.  If you can’t attend a workshop or class – do one online!  This is what I did to learn to crochet – I signed up for two Craftsy Classes – the first one was Amigurumi Woodland Animals with Stacey Trock, the second one I did was Crochet Lab with Vicki Howell.
  • Use the Internet.  The internet is a great resource now and you can find information, videos, ‘how to’ tips and techniques on just about anything!   Here are a few links I found on some crochet tips and techniques that I found useful: and
  • Practise!  Keep at it – practise, practise and more practise.   Do a little bit every day if you can – and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.  I have NEVER done crochet before – so when I did my first little sample piece – it felt so strange to me – and I didn’t know if I would be able to get the hang of it.  But I just kept trying – a little every day or so – and then it all just ‘clicked’ and started to work.  I continue to do a little more every day – and I am slowly getting better and better at it – and a lot more comfortable with it too.
  • It doesn’t have to be Perfect!  Just give it a go – it probably won’t be perfect the first time you try something new – but that’s OK!  I have plenty of little practise pieces of crochet that have all different size loops, that had one row longer than the other and where I split the wool and got half a stitch!  This is all part of learning a new skill – you have to make these mistakes so you can learn by them.
  • Enjoy it!  Don’t be too hard on yourself  – enjoy learning a new skill, take breaks when you need to and go back to it later.  Don’t push yourself too hard – you won’t learn it all and be an expert at it straight away.  Be patient – you will get the hang of it eventually and just keep on trying.
  • Share your achievements!  Share what you have achieved with family, friends and the online community!   There are some great online community groups  – like Ravelry  – that you can join.  Here people share projects they have made, patterns they like, tips and advice.  It’s nice to have this kind of online support – especially if your not sure about something – and are new to crochet like me and need some advice!  Another online group one I found was The Crochet Crowd.  They have some great crochet alongs and challenges you can take part in.  I think all this online support and involvement is great – it makes you feel like you are not alone - and keeps you motivated too.

And speaking of sharing – here is my second crochet project I have just finished!

A scarf I made for my daughter.

This is one of the patterns you get with the online Craftsy class I did – Crochet Lab.  It was a good project to do – as it only used one stitch – a double crochet.  So it was great practise and I finally figured out a comfortable way for me to hold the wool too.

I really loved making this scarf and I was actually a little sad to finish it!  So I have plans to make another one straight away with some beautiful hand dyed wool I bought at the Melbourne Quilt & Craft show.




I have really enjoyed learning to crochet.  I still have LOTS to learn but I am really loving crochet now.  It’s so nice and relaxing to sit in front of the TV at night doing a little crochet.

Have you learnt any new skills lately?  I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Sewing – or crochet, knitting, stitching or crafting!