Feature: Awesome Designers – Simone Gooding of May Blossom

My Awesome Designer for this feature is Simone Gooding of May Blossom.  Simone is an Australian designer who lives in Melbourne and you can find her creative cards and paper sewing patterns on her website.  Her patterns are also distributed by Creative Abundance so can be found in a lot of fabric shops too. Simone designs the most adorable little softies and a lot of her designs are made out of wool felt.  Many of them are gorgeous little woodland creatures like rabbits, mice and squirrels.  They are all so cute and adorable it can be hard to decide which one to make up first!   I have just finished making up one of her ‘Thistledown Rabbits’ as an Easter Sewing project and have another rabbit partially completed too.


 I loved making this little rabbit!  It stands around 9″ tall and this one will be an Easter gift for my daughter.  I’m making one for my son too.  This little rabbit is made from good quality wool felt and wears a jacket and hood and a little Alpaca wool scarf which I crocheted too.  It also has a cute little felt carrot in it’s pocket – just in case it gets hungry!

The pattern is well written with all steps explained well too.  The size of the felt pieces and seams allowances mean that it is probably not something you would make if you were a beginner sewer but certainly if you have made softies before I would definitely recommend it.  The little arms can be difficult to turn and stuff if you are not used to working with such small pieces – but the end result it well worth it.  There is a little hand sewing too - which I really enjoyed doing.

I love the rabbits hood and jacket & scarf that it wears – it really makes this such an adorable design.  The details of the pocket with the carrot just make it extra special too.


I also made another of Simone’s designs – this Jumbleberry Santa,  which I made as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago too.


Some of her other designs that I love are Rhubarb, Hetty & Betty and the Hilltop Fox playsets.








Simone has also recently launched a Ready-Made range under the name ‘Evie and the Bear’ where you can buy adorable ready-made softies!  So cute!


Click HERE to go to Simone’s website – May Blossom or HERE to go to Evie and the Bear for her Ready-made items.  You can also find Simone on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Happy Sewing!

Creative Challenge #2 – Clare’s Craftroom

I joined in again for another of Clare’s Craftroom’s Creative Challenges.  I did one last year and really enjoyed it – so I thought I would participate in another one!  You can read about what I did last year HERE.  We were given a different picture and a colour each that we were to draw our inspiration from to create something and we could use any medium we liked – paint, paper, fabric, metal wood etc.  I was given the following photos to draw my inspiration from:


Immediately I knew exactly what I was going to make!  I know that sounds strange but sometimes just looking at something like this can give me a great idea!  Now I must admit that I have been watching Harry Potter movies with my kids lately so I had mythical creatures on my mind when I looked at these pictures.

I was going to make a unicorn with a rainbow mane & tail!  Originally my final sketches of the unicorn had the pink for the hooves and muzzle – but when it came together I preferred it all white.

So here is my unicorn!


I love how it turned out – in fact I love it so much I am turning it into a pattern!  So if you want to make your own unicorn – come back shortly (after I’ve written up the pattern, tested it out and made a few prototypes).

There were only a couple of us that were part of this challenge – but make sure you check out the other creations too over at Clare’s Craftroom.

Happy Sewing!




Valentine’s Day Softie Heart Tutorial

So Valentine’s Day is only a week away and I thought I would share this very quick and easy project for you to make.  Its a cute little Valentine’s Day Softie Heart!  Give it to someone you love, hang it on the kids bedroom doors or make a few to hang around the house to let your family know you love them this Valentine’s Day!


Click HERE to download the pattern template.


5” x 11” Red Felt

Scrap of White Felt

Scrap of Black Felt

9” Red Ribbon

Black & White embroidery thread

Polyester Fibre fill – stuffing



Print off your pattern template HERE and cut out the shapes.  Then pin these onto felt and carefully cut out the shapes.

You will need:

2 x Heart shapes

2 x Eyes

2 x Pupils

You will also need to cut a 9” piece of ribbon.





Take one of your heart shapes and your piece of ribbon.  Fold the ribbon in half (wrong sides together) and place the edge of the folded ribbon at the ribbon placement make on one of your heart shapes.  Pin it in place.

Take it over to your sewing machine and sew a couple of stitches at this ribbon placement mark to hold it in place.








Now fold the ribbon up in the middle of the heart and place your other heart shape over the top of this (so the ribbon is on the inside) and pin it together.

Mark the section to leave open and then sew the heart shapes together using a ¼” seam allowance.  Make sure you leave the section open so you can turn it out the right way.

Carefully clip the curves and then turn it out the right way through your turning gap.

Stuff firmly to give it a nice shape and then fold in your seam allowance on the turning gap and hand stitch it together.  I like to use a ladder stitch to do this.

Now take your Eyes (in white felt) and place them into position (referring to the pattern template for placement).  Using 2 strands of white embroidery thread, blanket stitch the Eyes to the heart (Keep white thread attached – you will use it to make highlights in the pupils later).



Place pupils into position on the eyes and using 2 strands of Black embroidery thread, blanket stitch them into place.

Now mark your mouth (using dressmakers chalk/washable marker) and then back stitch the mouth using 2 strands of black embroidery thread.

Go back and take your white embroidery thread and make two small stitches in the top outer corners of your pupils for highlights.

That’s it!  You’re done!  Enjoy!


Star Wars Quilt Finished!

I have been making a Star Wars quilt for my son and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of my work in progress photos.  Well I finally finished it yesterday!  My son picked this fabric out from Spotlight late last year and I had intended on making it for him in time for Christmas – but that didn’t quite happen!  He didn’t mind and he’s has actually enjoyed watching me make it over the school holidays.  He’s helped a little too along the way – helping me take all the quilting pins out and lying under the quilt top just to see what it would be like!  So he was really excited when I finished sewing the binding on yesterday and he could put it on his bed last night.


I used the Thick & Thin pattern by Shiny Happy World (a free pattern) – which is the same pattern I used for my daughter’s quilt I made for her early last year.  You can see her quilt HERE.  I love how this turned out – and it’s a great pattern to use as it’s so nice and simple.   I just quilted it with nice straight lines 1/4″ each side of the stripes.  Enough to hold it together without adding too much detail (as the Star Wars fabric has LOTS of detail).    My son just LOVES it which makes me so happy and makes it all worthwhile!

Happy Sewing!

Back to School! Tips to get back into that school routine

We have had a great Summer School holidays!  The kids have been on school holidays since Christmas and head back to school next week (6 weeks of school holidays!).  It’s been nice and relaxing for us.  We’ve been swimming, the kids had a go on some go-karts, we’ve been down the beach and taken the dog on lots of walks too.  It’s been great fun!


So now the holidays are nearly over so I thought I’d share a few tips I have about getting the kids back into that school routine.  My kids both love routine – and so initially it was hard for them to just relax and just chill out!  Now of course – with school starting back in one week – it’s time to get them ready for that school routine again.  With daylight savings here too – it means it doesn’t get dark until nearly 9pm!  So they have been staying up REALLY late and I’ve been lucky to get them into bed by 9:30pm lately!  So this is what I plan on doing for the next week:

  • Start the bedtime routine (brushing teeth, get ready for bed, time to read etc) 15mins earlier each night (until you get to that time that they SHOULD be going to bed (like my kids should really be in bed by 8:30!)
  • Start waking them up 15mins earlier each morning (again – until you get to the time you WANT them up to get ready for school)
  • Have morning tea or a snack around the time they would have recess at school (for my kids this is 11am)
  • Have lunch around the time they would be having it at school (for my kids this is 1pm)
  • Give them jobs and certain tasks to do – just a couple of small things to do each day (like today my daughter vacuumed the kitchen/dining room – my son feed the chooks and they both emptied the dishwasher).  They have pretty much been able to do whatever they like each day – so getting a few jobs to do will help get them ready to have the teacher tell them what to do when they get back to school.

This should gradually get them back into the school routine by the time school starts next week.  Wish me luck!  Do you have any tips for getting the kids back into school time routine?  Share them with us in the comments under this post – I’d love to hear your ideas!

Looking back at 2014

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.  We have had a lovely time here at home just spending time together as a family.  It has been so nice and relaxing.

At the start of the New Year I think it’s nice to look back at the previous year and reflect on what we have done and to celebrate what we have achieved too.  So I thought I’d share a little summary of what Jody’s Crafty Creations did for 2014

  • I updated all my paper patterns to PDF files so my patterns could be instantly downloaded.
  • I opened my Craftsy store and listed all my patterns on both Craftsy & Etsy
  • I setup and updated my blog in WordPress and updated my logo too.
  • I outsourced the digitizing of my pattern templates so now all my new patterns (and some of my existing patterns) are now digitized instead of hand drawn templates (it looks so much more professional and I’m so glad I did this!)
  • I put out a call for more Pattern Testers and so now have a nice list of lovely pattern testers (Thanks everyone!) who have done a great job of editing and testing out my new patterns for me.
  • I taught the Grade 6 kids at our school over about 5 weeks how to design and sew up their own softies (This is always heaps of fun teaching these classes and something I look forward to each year).











  • I released 5 NEW Patterns this year!  The ‘Don’t Worry Doll’, ‘Kitty Cat Heat Bag’, Kids Creations: Easy Softie Projects’ (actually 4 softie options in one pattern!), ‘Christmas Bird Decorations’ and my ‘Pocket Penny Dolls’.


  • OneThimbleIssue4Cover

    One Thimble e-magazine published my pattern ‘Kids Creations: Easy Softie Projects’ in Issue 4 and also an article I wrote too!









  • Easter Bunny Softie
    Easter Bunny Softie

    I released 4 FREE Tutorials this year!  The ‘Easter Bunny Softie’, Felt Flower Tutorial, ‘Heat Bag Tutorial’ and ‘Felt Flower Hairclip’.  I am still amazed that the Easter Bunny and Heat Bag were so popular!  To date the Easter Bunny free pattern has been downloaded 1522 times from my Craftsy store and the Heat Bag free pattern has also been downloaded 1669 times!

  • I have setup a monthly Newsletter using MailChimp that I send out at the end of each month and have 43 subscribers.  (If you would like to subscribe just enter your email address under ‘Newsletter’ in the column on the right.)





So now when I look at what I actually did do for my little pattern design business for 2014 I actually think I achieved quite a lot!  Thankyou to everyone who has supported me and purchased my patterns this year and for all the wonderful feedback and photos I have been getting too!  I love seeing what you make using one of my designs!  It makes it all so worthwhile!

I’m now planning what I will be doing for 2015 which will include releasing more new designs and lots of other exciting things too!

Happy Sewing!

HUGE Boxing Day PDF Pattern Sale!

One Thimble have organised a HUGE Boxing Day PDF Pattern Sale and I have joined in too!


Here’s where you can find all the participating businesses:

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Ellie Inspired – www.etsy.com/shop/ellieinspiredclothes
Fabric Direct.com.au – www.fabricdirect.com.au
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Funky Friends Factory – www.funkyfriendsfactory.com
Golden Rippy –  www.goldenrippy.com
Hey There Threads – www.heytherethreads.com
Jody’s Crafty Creations – www.etsy.com/shop/JodysCraftyCreations
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Little Moo Designs – www.littlemoodesigns.com.au
Make it Perfect – www.makeitperfect.com.au/MIP/Sewing_Patterns.html (no code required)
Molly and Mama – www.etsy.com/shop/mollyandmama
One Thimble – www.onethimble.com.au (includes e-zines but not subscriptions)

Pattern Emporium – www.patternemporium.com
Rabbit Rabbit Creations – www.etsy.com/au/shop/RabbitRabbitCreation
Sew n Sow – www.sewnsow.com.au
Tadah Patterns – www.tadahpatterns.com.au (stand-alone patterns only)

Threading Rainbows – www.threadingrainbows.com.au (no code required – price will be discounted for you!)

Use the Discount Code BOXINGDAY for 30% off your purchase from these stores 12.01am-11.59pm 26th December 2014 AEST.  Some exclusions may apply.

As I am already having a Christmas Sale on my PDF Patterns at 50% off – you will still get 50% off all my PDF Patterns using this code too!!!

So here’s your chance to pickup a pattern you may have had on your wish list!  I know I definitely will!

Happy Sewing!

Teacher’s Christmas Gifts – zippered pencil cases


This year for the Teacher’s Christmas Gifts I decided to make them personalized zippered pencil cases.  This is a free tutorial by Toni Coward from Make it Perfect.  Toni did a blog post last year about these and I thought it was such a brilliant idea – and so stored it away for when I was ready to make my teacher’s Christmas gifts this year.

The kids wrote out their teacher’s names which I then traced onto white linen and embroidered.  They thought it was great that they had ‘written’ their teacher’s names onto the pencil cases.  I then had fun picking out fabrics that I thought the teachers would like.  I love the little collection of buttons you sew onto it too – it just adds that little bit of interest.

I love this tutorial of Toni’s.  It’s a great easy way to make a zippered pouch.  I’m now looking forward to the kids End of Year Celebration on Thursday and then the start of the school holidays.  It will be so nice to have a break from the normal morning routine of making lunches and getting the kids ready for school – I can’t wait!

Happy Sewing!

Christmas Decorations to Sew

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Christmas Sewing patterns I have found.  I love making handmade Christmas decorations.  They make great gifts for family & friends or as something special to decorate your own home too.  They are fun to make and get me into the Christmas spirit while I’m making them.

Links for these patterns are below.


1. Snow Bird by mmmcrafts

2. Rudy by Melly & Me

3. Jumbleberry Santas by May Blossom

4. Santa’s Little Helpers by Jody’s Crafty Creations

5. Felt Christmas Mouse by Molly & Mama – FREE!

6. Merry Little Reindeer by Me & My Red Boots

7. Santa Mug Rug by Me & My Red Boots

8. Tid-Bit Sitting Elf by NimblePhish

9. Felt Food Cocoa & Christmas Cookies by The Pixie Palace

10. Ralph Reindeer by Two Brown Birds – FREE!

11. Mouse Christmas Decorations by Funky Friends Factory

12. Woodland Christmas by Ric Rac – FREE!

13. Christmas Club 2014  decorations by Shiny Happy World

14. Christmas Bird Decorations by Jody’s Crafty Creations

15. Patridge & Pear by Mmmcrafts

Happy Sewing!