A Roundup of Puppy Softie Patterns


We have a new puppy!  We brought her home with us last Friday and she is just so cute!  She is a Jack Russell Terrier and her name is Ruby. She’s 9 weeks old.

It’s like having a new baby in the house – as I have to get up to her 2 or 3 times at night at the moment!  Apart from the disturbed sleep - she has been just adorable and is fitting in really well in our house so far – apart from the cat – who is not very keen on her at all!






I thought as I have puppies on my mind at the moment I would share a roundup of Puppy Softie Patterns I have found with you.


Links to the patterns for these softies are below:

1.  Scruffy the Dog by MyFunnyBuddy on Etsy

2. Toby by Clare’s Craftroom

3. Puppy dog Softie by Dolls & Daydreams on Etsy

4. Madame Sausage Dog by Ric Rac on Craftsy

5. Dog Sewing Pattern by GrandGPatterns on Etsy

6. Buddy – Puppy dog sewing pattern by Shiny Happy World

7. Puppy Dog Pete by Funky Friends Factory

8. Darcy the Dachshund by While She Naps

9. Sally & Smith by Ric Rac

10. Dog option in Kids Creations: Easy Softie Project by Jody’s Crafty Creations

11. Dog Softie pattern by KimikoDesigns on Etsy

12. Dog sewing pattern by GrandGPatterns

13. Dress Up Dog by Shiny Happy World

14. Scotty McSpotty by Melly & Me

15. Spotty Dog by SweaterDoll on Etsy

16. Drafty the Door Sausage Dog by Jody’s Crafty Creations

Now you can make up your own little puppy!

Happy Sewing!






Hi Jody Ruby is adorable,love her,funny about the cat,lol.xx


Thanks Shez! Yes – I think it’s going to take a while for the cat to get used to her! Have a lovely day.

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