A Mouse in Stitches!

Meet Maggie – my Mouse in Stitches!


I have designed and made this mouse over the last couple of weeks – and she did take a few prototypes to get her just right!

This design was inspired by my love of stitching retreats.  I’ve been to quite a few over the years with some wonderful friends of mine and we always have a lovely time.  It’s a great time to just have a bit of ‘time out’ for yourself and indulge in a day of stitching, good food and good company with lots of wonderful ladies who enjoy stitching and sewing too.  It’s also a chance to meet some very talented designers and learn their little tips and techniques.


A group of 6 of us are travelling to South Australia in May to go to Maggie Beer’s farm in the lovely Barossa Valley for a whole weekend of stitching and I can’t wait!


So Maggie the Mouse in Stitches is like our little Mascot for our Stitching Retreats.

She loves stitching retreats and goes to as many as possible!  She is working on a little Cinderberry Stitches design called Miss Needles – which she has nearly finished.  She also wears a linen dress with a lovely stitchery design by Leanne Beasley on it.  Her stitchery can also be put away into her little bag she carries made from Rosalie Quinlan’s fabric – Candy Bloom.

She is quite a robust little mouse as she loves to indulge in all the yummy food at the stitching retreats and deserts are her favourite!  She has also been known to stash a chocolate or two into her stitching bag to eat on the trip home!


In her design to give her that bit of shape – I used a head gusset plus her body is made up of four sections.

The arms and legs are attached using button joins too.  And she also has a little tail of course!  She wears glasses to help her see her stitching clearly and also has a little flower tucked behind her ear just because it makes her happy!

I am also entering her in the Sew Mama Sew Spectacular Softie Contest.  Make sure you pop over and check out the other entries too!

Happy Sewing!



Oh, my goodness I love this darling mouse! Great work! She has a great story too!

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