Grade 6 Softie Toy Creations 2015

Last week was the last class of the Grade 6′s Softie Toy making classes that I have been teaching this term at school.  Each week during their art session the Grade 6 kids have been designing and creating their own softie toys.


I love teaching this class and this is now the 5th year I have been doing this and it is always great fun!  I look forward to this every week and the kids look forward to it too.  It’s great to see what ideas they come up with, what fabrics and colours they choose and how quickly they pickup the skills of using a sewing machine and hand sewing and embroidery too.  We use fleece and cotton fabrics and this year most of them chose fleece as the main fabric to make their toys nice and soft & cuddly too.


We spend the first two lessons designing their softies and creating the pattern pieces.  They then choose fabrics, cut out the pieces and then start sewing them together on the sewing machines.  They then stuff them, hand sew turning gaps closed and embroider details like the eyes and mouth.  Some also use buttons to attach limbs and we also had some safety eyes used this year too.

It is all great fun and they are all so creative in what they come up with.  This year we had a cricket bat, elephants, horse, monsters, a dog, penguin and owl just to name a few!   I think they have done a fantastic job.  Well done everyone!