Keeping busy!


Wow – it has been a busy month or two!  I thought I’d let you all know I am still here and still sewing and designing softies – but I have also been very busy with other things too.  As a family we made some big decisions at the start of this year – which include extending our house!  So we have been busy getting plans approved, organising builders and tradesman and sourcing materials.



I have also started my Softie Toy Making Classes with the grade 6′s at school this term.  So once a week (for the next 6 weeks) I spend the morning with them designing and sewing softie toys.  I’ll share some photos and a bit of an update about this class at the end of the term (you can read about what we do during these classes in my blog post from last year)



We also have our local Field Days next week – and the schools do all the catering for this event.  So we will be very busy next week setting up and then preparing and cooking food out at the field days.


I am also starting an online photography course next week (through Click, Love, Grow) to improve my photography skills and marketing shots and step by step photos for my patterns.

There are a few other things happening behind the scenes too (sorry I can’t share any more about that) – but it’s all good!

I have been working on some new designs and patterns – and as soon as they are ready I’ll let you know.  If you follow me on instagram you can see a little of what happens behind the scenes and some work in progress shots too.  You can also follow me on Facebook - where I share links I like and I also spend some time on Pinterest.  My patterns are all still available through Etsy & Craftsy too.

Happy Sewing!

A Mouse in Stitches!

Meet Maggie – my Mouse in Stitches!


I have designed and made this mouse over the last couple of weeks – and she did take a few prototypes to get her just right!

This design was inspired by my love of stitching retreats.  I’ve been to quite a few over the years with some wonderful friends of mine and we always have a lovely time.  It’s a great time to just have a bit of ‘time out’ for yourself and indulge in a day of stitching, good food and good company with lots of wonderful ladies who enjoy stitching and sewing too.  It’s also a chance to meet some very talented designers and learn their little tips and techniques.


A group of 6 of us are travelling to South Australia in May to go to Maggie Beer’s farm in the lovely Barossa Valley for a whole weekend of stitching and I can’t wait!


So Maggie the Mouse in Stitches is like our little Mascot for our Stitching Retreats.

She loves stitching retreats and goes to as many as possible!  She is working on a little Cinderberry Stitches design called Miss Needles – which she has nearly finished.  She also wears a linen dress with a lovely stitchery design by Leanne Beasley on it.  Her stitchery can also be put away into her little bag she carries made from Rosalie Quinlan’s fabric – Candy Bloom.

She is quite a robust little mouse as she loves to indulge in all the yummy food at the stitching retreats and deserts are her favourite!  She has also been known to stash a chocolate or two into her stitching bag to eat on the trip home!


In her design to give her that bit of shape – I used a head gusset plus her body is made up of four sections.

The arms and legs are attached using button joins too.  And she also has a little tail of course!  She wears glasses to help her see her stitching clearly and also has a little flower tucked behind her ear just because it makes her happy!

I am also entering her in the Sew Mama Sew Spectacular Softie Contest.  Make sure you pop over and check out the other entries too!

Happy Sewing!