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This Giveaway is now Closed – Thankyou all for your lovely comments and congratulations to our winner Flavia!  Wow – it has been a wonderful couple of weeks with the release of my new pattern in One Thimble e-zine!  I’m amazed at the great response and beautiful photos that I have seen of softies made using this design.  I have also hit a milestone of 100 Likes on my Facebook page too!  So I thought we would celebrate this little success!


jody's crafty creations blank

Jen from One Thimble has very generously donated a $25 gift voucher for you to use at the One Thimble shop!  How fantastic is that!  You can use this voucher to buy any of the 4 issues of One Thimble e-magazine including issue 4 that has my latest design – ‘Kids Creations: Easy Softie Projects’, or PDF Patterns or subscriptions to the value of $25 AUD!  I am also going to give the winner their choice of one of my PDF patterns too!





So the winner will receive a One Thimble Gift Voucher of $25.00 AUD to spend in the One Thimble shop PLUS one PDF Pattern of their choice from my designs listed in my Craftsy or Etsy stores!

So how do you enter this giveaway?  Just leave me a comment on this blog post – how easy is that (just click on ‘comments’ at the bottom left hand side of this post)! Make sure you use a current email address so I can contact you if you win!

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I will draw the winner for this giveaway Tuesday next week (2nd of September 2014).

Happy Sewing!

Urban Stitches – Melbourne

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend Urban Stitches in Melbourne with 3 lovely friends.  This year it was held at The Novatel in St Kilda where we had a lovely morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea as well.  It was a lovely day of stitching with designers Rosalie Quinlan of Rosalie Quinlan Designs, Melly McNeice of Melly & Me & Jodie Carleton of Ric Rac.  We received 3 brand new fully kitted projects – one from each of the designers.  The project I did was by Melly & Me called Pretty Pendants.  A cute, quick little stitching project that I finished on the day.























There were five different stitcheries to choose from for the pendants – and I chose the hedgehog and then also started on the butterfly too.  Isn’t it just so cute!

Thanks Lisa, Jenelle & Cindy for a fantastic day out!

Happy Sewing!

Easy Softie Projects – Pattern Testers Sample

Felt With Love Designs2
Felt With Love Designs1










Here is another sample that one of my pattern testers made from my ‘Kids Creations: Easy Softie Projects’ design.

Alicia made the dog for her daughter and I just LOVE the gorgeous photos she took!

See more of the beautiful photos on her blog post over at Felt with Love Designs.  Thanks Alicia for sharing these photos – your daughter looks so happy with her little dog!


Easy Softie Projects from One Thimble readers!

Wow – it hasn’t even been a week since the release of Issue 4 of One Thimble e-magazine and I’m starting to see some finished Easy Softie Projects!

Sally made this Bird using some lovely designer quilting cotton fabrics.  Doesn’t it look beautiful in these fabrics!












She also then made up the Cat too – in some cute kitty cat print cotton fabrics!






















Jessica and her daughter made up the Owl & the PussyCat as gifts for her daughter’s friends!  Jessica’s daughter helped her make these two – and I think they have done a fantastic job!  How lucky are her friends getting something that their friend made especially for them.

















Thankyou to both Sally & Jessica for sharing these lovely photos.

This pattern is available as part of Issue 4 of One Thimble e-magazine.  I LOVE this e-magazine and think it’s really good value.  I’ve been reading the articles over the weekend and have actually already bought the interfacing to make up the Sunny Day Tripper Bag! (one of the patterns included in the e-magazine).  I’m going to make this bag for my daughter to use on sleepovers and camp as I think it’s going to be the perfect size.  I’ll post photos once I’ve decided on the fabric!

Happy Sewing!

Feature: Awesome Designer Free Tutorial – The Red Boot Quilt Company

My Awesome Designer for this feature is Toni Alexander from The Red Boot Quilt Company.

Toni designs fun Quilts and softies and has paper patterns in quilt shops and also sells her patterns as PDF files from her online shop too.  I love the vibrant, fun colours that Toni uses and her simple, cute designs.

Here are some of my favourite softie designs of Toni’s: Cuddly Bears &  Isaac

cuddle bears













And here are some of my favourite Quilt designs of hers too: Bohemian Rhapsody, Catnip & Puppy Love

bohemian rhapsody










puppy love


How cute are the Catnip & Puppy Love quilts!










I have been wanting to make a blanket for my cat for a while now and so I thought the Catnip Quilt would be just ‘purrrrfect’!  I didn’t need it to be quite as big – so I decided to make a mini quilt version of it using Toni’s pattern.


I wanted to use up some of my fabric stash – and this quilt design is great for that.  I had some lovely fabrics given to me by my Mum’s friend and so I went through them and found some that I thought would look great.

The Catnip Quilt pattern is nice and easy – it uses a fusible webbing applique technique and then you just blanket stitch around the shapes.  I used my machine to blanket stitch – so it all came together nice and quickly too.  The quilt is finished off by adding buttons for the eyes which I think looks great.  I used the same buttons for the four of my cats – but Toni shows on her quilt that you can give the quilt lots of personality by adding different buttons in a variety of shapes and sizes too.

free doll redboots

Toni has a wonderful NEW FREE pattern to share with us too!  Her name is Felicity - isn’t she fantastic!  I LOVE her!  You can find this wonderful FREE pattern from Toni’s website HERE.









20 percent off coupon 640pxls1

Toni has very generously given you – my readers – 20% off in her Etsy store!  Just enter the code ‘Jody14′ in the coupon section at the checkout in Etsy and you will receive 20% off!  Click this link HERE to go to Toni’s Etsy store.  This coupon code is valid until the 31st of August 2014.

If you follow Toni on her blog and Facebook you will see that she has ‘Four Dollar Fridays’ where she has selected patterns on sale for only $4.00!  This is great value!  Make sure you check out her blog and her online shop and facebook page too.

Happy Sewing!

More of your Wonderful Creations!

Here are some more of my pattern testers samples from my new pattern: ‘Kids Creations: Easy Softie Projects’.


Brandie made these three in fur!  Aren’t they great!  Brandie said: ‘The monster was not quite as you had either, we used bird feet as ears and a dog tail. I think they were so fun, easy to follow directions and a great pattern set. ‘  Thanks Brandie – I think they look fantastic.  Love the fact that you changed the monster around to give it ears & a tail!


Carol has been VERY busy making these for her grandchildren!  She made 6 of them!



Carol said about the Bird (in the top right corner): ‘My 7 year old granddaughter wanted hers a little different,so here is hers she helped design , the front tummy section I cut 2 and sewed together and turned and made a pocket for her secret treasures, and she wanted a few ribbons for hair, think it turned out really cute’  Thanks Carol – I think they all turned out really well – and your grandchildren are very lucky to have you make them all a toy each! 

Mellissa made the dog version for her daughter.  How cute are these photos of her daughter holding it and taking it to bed too!  Looks like it will be much loved!  Thanks Mellissa for sharing these photos!





















I love them all!  Thankyou to all my wonderful pattern testers & thankyou for sharing these photos!

You can get this pattern as part of Issue 4 of One Thimble e-zine or you can buy it as a separate pattern from One Thimble too.
Affiliate Link: Click here to visit One Thimble.

Happy Sewing!


New Pattern Release in One Thimble e-zine!

Issue 4 of One Thimble e-zine is out now!  And I am very excited to say that I have contributed a pattern and an article too!  My pattern has 4 easy softie designs that you can make with your kids or they can make themselves.


I have included slightly larger seam allowances, and basic shapes - to make it easier for kids to sew.  The arms & legs are sewn into the seams and the facial features are sewn on by machine first before you sew the toy together, so there’s not too much hand sewing.  There are no tricky or narrow bits so it’s easy to turn out all the pieces and sew around.    The pattern includes 4 different options – a bird, monster, dog & cat – and you can mix and match the parts and features to make a creature all of your own if you like too!

























I love this picture of my kids holding the softies on the pattern cover!

Get your copy of Issue 4 of One Thimble e-zine by clicking on the link below:

Click here to visit One Thimble.


 It includes 10 PDF patterns, articles, tips and advice and I think it’s great value for money.  You can also buy each of the patterns separately too.  Click on the link below for a sneak peek inside this issue!

Happy Sewing!


Workshops, Stitching Days & Sewing Retreats

This weekend my friend Jenelle & I went to the ‘Girls Day Out’ stitching day & workshop in Bayswater (outer suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria) with designers Libby Richardson & Liz Stanway.  I LOVE going to these stitching days!   I would definitely recommend going to a stitching day out or workshop if you can.  Find out when a designer you like or follow is doing a workshop, stitching day and book yourself in.  It is so worthwhile!

So what do you get out of going to a stitching day, sewing retreat or workshop?

Friendship & Fun

The great thing about these days is you get to meet some lovely people who all love sewing and stitching too!  It doesn’t matter if you go by yourself or go with a friend – everyone there is so friendly and welcoming.  I have been going to these stitching days, workshops and retreats now for about 4 years.  One of the first ones I went to was in the Yarra Valley, Victoria – and I went there by myself.  I was a little nervous to start with but I shouldn’t have been as the table I sat at had a lovely group of ladies who welcomed me straight away.  It was fantastic and I had such a wonderful time – I couldn’t wait to go to the next one!

Urban Stitches3

 Learning something new

At all the stitching days, workshops and retreats I have been on I have learnt something new!  One of the first retreats I went on I learnt how to do a ladder stitch to close the turning & stuffing gaps on my softies.  This was so simple yet made such a difference to the finished softie.  You don’t see the stitches and this is something I do all the time now.  Another tip I picked up on one of these stitching days was how to do a satin stitch.  There are a few different ways to satin stitch – but they way I was shown on one of these stitching days just makes it so much easier and a much neater finish.

Some timeout for You

Sometimes life can get so busy that we can forget to take some timeout for ourselves.  These stitching days and workshops are the perfect way to get a bit of ‘You’ time.  You get to spend a wonderful day out with some wonderful like minded people doing something you enjoy.  Most of these retreats also provide morning and afternoon tea and a lovely lunch too so you get to spoil yourself with some yummy food.  It’s so relaxing and fun to just spend the day eating some wonderful food, chatting to some lovely ladies and stitching away!

Meeting the Designers & New Patterns!

You get to meet the designers and see their work and you also normally get a new unreleased pattern of theirs in you kit!    These goodie bags or kits are normally filled with some wonderful things as well as new patterns too.  Some of these are made up as kits with the fabric and threads you need to complete the project.  You normally get something that you can start working on and stitching that day – so you can start on it straight away!  I also love seeing the beautiful displays of the designer’s work.  It is just fantastic and so inspiring!  I normally spend a bit of time checking it all out – it’s so great to see these creations in person – and not just pictures on the internet.

Urban Stitches
Urban Stitches2013c

















Normally at these stitching days and workshops they have pop up craft or fabric shop there.  So you can stock up on some wonderful fabrics, supplies and patterns too!  I often have some money saved up especially to spend at these shops on the day.  They normally carry the designers latest patterns and fabric lines and have kits so you can make something in the same fabrics that the designer has used on their samples.

So as you can guess – I can’t wait to go to my next stitching day!  Luckily it’s only 2 weeks away!  I get to go to Urban Stitches in Melbourne with some lovely friends and the designers there will be Rosalie Quinlan, Melanie McNeice & Jodie Carleton.

So if you can – I hope you get the chance to go to a stitching day, workshop or retreat.  They are so worthwhile and such a fun, fantastic day out.

Happy Sewing!

New Pattern – Coming Soon!

I’m very excited to announce that I have a new pattern coming out in the latest issue of One Thimble!  One Thimble is this wonderful digital magazine (e-zine) that is released quarterly and includes great PDF sewing patterns plus articles, tutorials on sewing techniques and tips for people running a handmade business.  Issue 4 is going to be released on the 15th of August and will included my latest design.

I am so excited about this one and have called it ‘Kids Creations: Easy Softie Projects’.  It is designed for you to make with your kids or for them to make themselves and is a great beginners project.

Here’s what some of my pattern testers have said about it and some photos of the softies they made:


Karleen made both the dog & cat and said: ‘…Fantastic quick and easy little patterns, and I am loving using the polar fleece as it has no fray :-)’



Lisa made the cat and said:    ….’Had fun making her – quick and easy and great instructions too. I really like the seam allowance you’ve used – I’m normally not a fan of sewing with polar fleece but the little extra seam allowance just seems to make it easier to sew.’



Leah made the cat and chose to embroider the eyes and said:   ….’This was such a quick fun pattern and my son loves playing with his new cat! I especially loved how big it turned out and it was such a pleasure that the patterns were already actual sized and didn’t need enlarging :)’

This pattern will be available on the 15th of August as a separate PDF pattern from One Thimble or as part of the whole e-zine.  Come back soon to hear more about this pattern & see more softies made by my pattern testers!

PS.  There is more to this pattern than the cat & dog design…can you guess what else is included?

Happy Sewing!